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Challenge #19: Future Forecast

Challenge #19: Spend 10 minutes visioning yourself 10 years from now as having accomplished one of your biggest dreams. Be as detailed as possible; imagine in all five senses.

It’s the 4th of July, 2021. Everyone around me says it’s hotter than hell, but I think it feels perfect in my flow-y knee length skirt  and short-sleeved blouse. But my body temperature is always lower than normal peoples’, so perhaps they’re right. I thought having kids would change that, but alas it did not. I still get goosebumps in 80° weather.

I’m standing in Spring Mobile Ballpark in Salt Lake City, Ut: home of the Bees minor league baseball team. I look up in the stands to see my husband and three children waving their hot dogs at me. Though the dust kicked up by the ball players tickles my nose, I can almost smell the hot dogs from here and it makes me smile. Not because I like hot dogs – I hate them – but because my kids love them.

All around I hear music and laughter. The sights and sounds of the crowd do nothing to ease my nerves. No matter how much water I drink my mouth still feels dry – and that has nothing to do with the weather.

They tell me it’s time. I’m handed a microphone and grow nauseous. I look to my husband for support. He smiles that smile that made me fall in love with him, gives me the thumbs up, and mouths “I love you.” I immediately feel stronger. As the announcer instructs the crowd to stand for the National Anthem, I say a quick prayer.

The music begins. My voice sounds as it never has before – so clear and powerful. My heart is racing – not from anxiety, but from excitement. I feel as though the whole world has stopped just to hear me sing. As I hit the last high note (and hold it for an insane amount of time) the crowd cheers louder than I’m sure they will during the game. The song ends. Immediately my eyes find my family again. My children are screaming and clapping enthusiastically. Holding up our 3 year old, my husband smiles and wipes a tear from his cheek. Now I begin crying, too.

I feel a push. As I realize they’re trying to get me off the field, I race for the stands to sit with my family. I’m so happy, I even eat a hot dog!


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  1. I really enjoyed this…I lived this moment (without husband and kids – but family none the less) on Aug 7, 1987 when I got to sing the National Anthem before the San Francisco Giants played the Red Sox.
    It was very much like that. Thank you for reminding me of how much fun that day was.
    You left out just a little bit more of the story though:

    While making your way to join your family in the stands you are stopped by people who thank you, compliment you and shake your hand. There are even veterans who wander over to thank you for such a great rendition of the song that makes them proud. 🙂

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