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Challenge #18: Prison Break

Challenge #18: Get out of your element. Go somewhere you’ve ever been before.

What is it with vacations? They have this way of totally messing with a person. They’re so fun and you don’t want to go back to “real life” when you’re done. Great cures for Adultitis, vacations 🙂

So I was on vacation over Memorial Day weekend. Not only did I refrain from any adult responsibilities, I also sloughed my childlike responsibilities – meaning I really didn’t think much about Small Rebellions or my blog. But I did do this challenge.

I was in Spokane, Washington visiting one of my best friends – Isaac – and his wonderful wife Audriana and their beautiful baby. I’ve been to Spokane twice before, so that’s not how I completed this challenge. What I did was I got Ike and Auds in on the fun, and on Saturday we went to a darling little shop called The Trellis. Both Ike and Auds have been meaning to go there, so we went as part of our places we’ve never been. I really wanted to pack the whole shop in my car, but I ended up just getting what I went for: a jar of Huckleberry jam – we don’t have that in Utah. After, we went to Kiddie Kandids for Ike and Auds’ baby’s 6 month photos. It was the first Kiddie Kandids experience for each of us, and what an experience it was! Long is too short a word to describe. But anyway, baby was, as always, beautiful!

The last place we went was an Italian restaurant called Ferraro’s. If you’re ever in Spokane, you should totally eat there. They bring you bread with this garlic butter that was absolutely amazing. The salad dressing was light and lovely, and my lasagna truly made my mouth happy. Oh, the spumoni ice cream was a nice touch too 🙂 Here’s to going new places and trying new things!


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