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Challenge #14: Random Act

Challenge #14: Do something to help someone you don’t know.

Well, I kind of feel like I botched this one. I worked practically all day. I helped parents, teachers, and children – many of whom I don’t know yet. But that’s all part of my job. I got paid to do it. I don’t think it counts as a random act of kindness. Then I just came home after work. I tried, but I think I failed.

A child's prayer is always heard and answered

There are a few things I did that could possibly count, but I think they’re a stretch. I mean, I didn’t get angry at the slow drivers, nor did I cut them off (but other people did). Does that count? I tied a little girl’s shoes this morning, which actually was NOT part of my job at the time – under the circumstance I really should have told her to ask her teacher, but I’m kind of a sucker when kids ask me nicely to do stuff for them. So, not really sure that counts either.

Last ditch effort? Well, since I’m in for the night I decided that I can at least pray for people I don’t know – men and women in our armed forces, the leaders of our nation, people who live with poverty/ abuse/ disease/ etc., everyone who is in a plane tonight (I’m terrified of air travel), people grieving a loss, people looking for work, people without hope, people who’ve never been to Disneyland, people holding grudges, people who are lying to themselves about something, people without faith, people who just  need a hug. I believe that every prayer is heard and answered. I believe my prayer will be heard and answered in ways I can’t possibly imagine. I won’t even see the results, but I’ll know they’ll come just the same.


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  1. people that have never been to disneyland? lol! really?

  2. Loved the “people never been to disneyland” bit. hilarious and so true. All those things mentioned count as warm fuzzies in my book Amy. 😉


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