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Challenge #12: Dear Hero

Challenge #12: Write a letter to a childhood hero (real or fictional).

Heroes save the day right when you need them to. Though I have to say that Christ is my ultimate hero, for purposes of this challenge I chose two other individuals who I feel have saved me on several occasions. I chose these two people because the first has no idea how much he has meant to me throughout the years, and the other may have an inkling, but I think it’s important to remind her. Christ knows how I feel about Him. I tell Him ALL the time πŸ™‚

My first champion of heroics is “Weird” Al Yankovic. I actually was opposed to Al when I was first introduced to him by the strange new girl at church (who ended up becoming my bff of *cough* years). Anyway, I thought he was too ridiculous. But Dawn persisted. She made me listen to his music until it finally reached me. And when it reached me, I couldn’t stop laughing! Many a happy hour has been spent ever since then singing along and laughing to “Weird” Al. I’m willing to bet that man doesn’t have a single drop of Adultitis in him! Here is my letter:

"Weird" Al Yankovic

Dear Al,

May I call you Al?

I’ve been challenged to write a letter to my childhood hero. Immediately I thought of you. For almost a quarter of a century your charm and wit have helped me through many dark times. Each and every one of your songs brings an almost indecently wide smile to my face, and most of them make me laugh so hard that I cry! Your childlike nature is contagious and reminds me to enjoy life.

Ever since I fell in love with your music as a child (and learned that mashed potatoes can be my friend) I’ve been better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. I’m not ashamed to admit that often on a sad day I’d pop “Alapalooza” in my cassette player and act out my own music video of “Jurassic Park.” My stuffed animals were fantastic audiences, and I always felt better after. And though I feel I may have lost a few brain cells while watching “UHF”, it was worth it! To this day, spatulas make me laugh. No joke!

Even now your songs are a great part of my life. A few of them (including “Grapefruit Diet”) are on my iPod’s running mix. “I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead” is also on there. As I jog down the road I laugh every time you sing the line “I don’t really like to jog!” Anytime I’m in the check out line at a grocery store, I immediately begin singing “Midnight Star” (usually just in my head). And it never ceases to amaze me how many times someone will bring up a song and ask me if I know it and I say, “Well, I know the ‘Weird’ Al version!” And more often than not, your versions are way better.

Anyway, what this all boils down to is that I just want to thank you for all your years of song and laughter. Though it’s been fun, I’m certain it also means a lot of hard work for you. You are extremely talented, using your gifts to touch the lives of so many people. Thank you so much for your dedication. Your songs are timeless and will be with me always.

Your devoted fan,

Amy Larson (you may call me Al)

I’m going to send this letter this weekend and I’m super excited about it! The last fan letter I wrote was to John Stamos back when “Full House” was brand new.

Best of Friends

My second childhood hero is my bff Dawn. I’ve written a letter that is included in her (really late) birthday package, but I’m not going to include it here. It’s a little too personal, but I will say this: Anyone who is lucky enough to have a friend who is even half the person Dawn is truly has much to be grateful for and has the best reason to smile. Dawn, thanks for introducing me to “Weird” Al’s music, for forgiving me when I knocked you on the head with a giant Cheez Balls can, for “Newsies”, for getting me through high school, for your children, for New York City, for never giving up on me. And for not being mad at me for blogging about you and including a picture without your permission πŸ˜‰ I. Love. You!


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  1. it’s ok because it’s a great picture of us and it reminds me of going to see Josh (right?) your post makes me want to bust out some weird al right now. thanks for all you do. it goes both ways. love ya, dawn

  2. So you were able to find the snail-mail address carefully hidden somewhere on Al’s website? Good eye! The processing of his fanmail is fairly glacial, but eventually he will get your letter, and he will read it, and he will be happy to know that his work has been such a positive part of your life. He really does care about his fans.

    • I forgot to thank you for your comment, Helen! I actually didn’t find the address until you mentioned it! I was just going to randomly email it and see what happened, if anything. But after reading your comment I scoured Weird Al’s website until I found the snail-mail address!!! Thank you so much for commenting!!!!

  3. Hey Amy,
    So you and Dawn and Weird Al fans too? Awesome! The man is a serious idol of mine. I mean really how can one guy write so many outrageously funny songs? I first heard his Beat It parody “Eat It” and of course his silly “Like a Surgeon”. I was hooked. I love listening to him at work when I’m stressed – he just cracks me up.
    P.S. You’re doing a great job escaping adulthood! Keep it up!


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