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Challenge #11: You’re Not the Boss of Me

Challenge #11: Do something your parents never let you do as a child.

This one was supposed to be easy, but it turned out to be a real “challenge.” Much like Kim, my mom’s rules were typically ones of safety and/or health. You know, “look both ways before crossing the street.” That kind of thing. I don’t really want to do something to put my life on the line. But I thought perhaps it would be funny if I ran with scissors. I have some child safety scissors that I was going to stick in my runner’s belt to have with me on my run. Well, it rained this morning. But I wasn’t daunted – I would just go run on the treadmill at my apartment’s fitness center. Well… both treadmills were broken. Okay, NOW I was daunted. I had to do the elliptical machine instead. And I don’t think my mom ever told me “don’t elliptical with scissors.” Drat. What was I to do?

I even called one of my sisters to see if she could think of something. She told me maybe I should get in a car with a stranger. Ha ha. Very funny. I would’ve taken candy from a stranger (or any other sweet treat, for that matter), but where was I to find someone willing to hand over their Snickers bar?

Finally it came to me. Growing up we weren’t supposed to watch tv until our homework was done. I actually worked from home most of the day today, and in the big middle of it all I stopped working, curled up on the couch with ice cream and a blankie, and popped in my sister’s Fraggle Rock DVD. I watched an episode in which Boober loses his memory and thinks he’s a Gorg, and one in which Mokey is responsible for the trash heap freezing over. Ah, what bliss! It felt so good taking a break from being a working Doozer 😉 And as the Fraggles say “Dance your cares away (clap clap), worry’s for another day, let the music play (clap clap) down in Fraggle Rock!”

From Kim and Jason's "Lemonade Stand"

My treasures 🙂

The day got even better when my doorbell rang and it was USPS. I got the package I ordered from Kim and Jason’s online store!! I bought the “Deep Sea Diver” print for my bathroom. It will compliment the rubber ducky in my shower. I bought something else, too, but I couldn’t have it in the picture because it’s a gift for someone who may or may not read my blog. The copy of the Kim and Jason magazine was a complete surprise, and anyone who knows me will understand why I feel it was fate that this particular issue that I happened to receive has a “Wizard of Oz” cover. I played Dorothy in Jr. High and my best friend played Glinda. (Yes you did Dawn!! Quit denying it!!!) The “escape adulthood” sticker is going on my car, and the Kool-Aid packet will be saved for the next time I buy sugar. I seriously felt like a kid at Christmas opening this package – especially because I got 3 surprises along with it! I was laughing quite loudly and may have given my sister a hear attack. Thanks K & J! You guys are the best!!


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  1. no i believe i was only ms gulch in the play i don’t remember anything about a frilly pink dress and and large pink crown… nope not a bit.

  2. Don’t tempt me to post a picture… 😉


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