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Challenge #9: Rebel With a Cause

Challenge #9: Do one thing today to support a cause or issue you really care about.

Today I donated my blood to the American Red Cross. I had to put this one off a few days because it’s better to make an appointment than to be a walk-in. My plan was to have the phlebotomist take a picture of me as my blood slowly drained from my open vein. Alas, I forgot my camera. But I had a swell time!

I used to donate blood as often as you’re allowed to – every 8 weeks. Then, of course, I got “too busy.” It seemed like the perfect way to complete this challenge. I began donating blood a few years back to impress a guy. He actually wasn’t all that impressed, but no matter. It became a habit and a good way for me to give back.

They gave me a sticker!

Today the volunteer who had to check my hemoglobin and iron and temperature and all that seriously looked 15 years old. His name is Jason and he was very good-natured about me telling him how young he looked, and that the lab coat didn’t make him look any more mature. To make me even more comfortable (ha ha), he was being observed by another volunteer. I asked how long he’d been doing this and he just laughed. His observer, however, said “Dude, look closer before you prick her finger, you forgot to do something.” Then he winked at me and said “Does that answer your question?” All three of us had a good laugh. Turns out that Jason is the ripe old age of 27! NEVER would have guessed with his baby face! He did a good job, too 🙂

The next volunteer I met was Jordan, who is Armenian and is actually from Southern California, not too far from where I grew up. We had a splendid conversation as he was sucking my blood away 🙂 I brought a book to read, but I didn’t need it because Jordan was so personable! Even the guy sitting laying next to me (his name was Mark) joined in on the conversing. Never have I had a better time giving blood! After I was done, I got water and some Nutter Butters. What could be better than that?


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