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Challenge #8: Doodlesmile

Challenge #8: Draw a funny picture and hide it in an unexpected place for someone else to find.

I have a large box of dry-erase markers and I’ve been dying to use them to draw on my sister’s bathroom mirror. I just wanted to leave her a little something to make her giggle. Everyone can use a good giggle every now and then; especially Stacey, especially now. I didn’t know what I was going to draw, but it had to be some kind of potty joke. When we were little we used to call Stacey Anastasia. This was before the Meg Ryan movie, so of course that became her movie when she saw it. And her nickname was then changed to Princess Anastasia. Princess for short. So I drew what was supposed to be a page announcing that the Princess Anastasia is about to sit on her “throne.” HAHAHAHAHA! She saw it when she got home from work and she loves it! She’s not going to clean it off for a while 🙂

I thought that the picture on a mirror thing was clever, yet it was also kind of cheating, since it wasn’t even pretending to be hiding. So while at work today I drew a not-great picture of Nick Carter. My co-worker is completely gaga over Nick Carter (personally… well, he’s no Josh Groban). I stuck it inside one of her program folders. She works a different program than I do, so I have no idea how often she goes into that folder, but I’m pretty sure she has to eventually and when she does… I think she’ll really enjoy it!

8 Challenges down and I must say that I feel the benefits! I’m way less stressed, even though I had all my finals this week. I was able to slow down and do some fun things and some meaningful things, and I still finished my homework and papers and tests. (Speaking of papers, I got an “A” on every single one, thank you very much!) I’ve been able to start getting my new apartment in order, as well. I thought I was too busy to begin doing that. But as Kim and Jason say, “busy” is the new four-letter word. I’m no longer going to be busy. I’m simply going to be. 🙂


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