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Challenge#5: Mad Scientist

Challenge #5: Become a scientist. Conduct a silly experiment.

Happy Easter!

First of all, Happy Easter! Looks like the Easter Bunny received my letter, and added his own flair by giving me the last book in the “Uglies” series! (Which couldn’t have come at a better time – I’m 3 chapters from finishing the third book!) Due to it being Easter weekend and having things to do with my family, I couldn’t blog until now, but this challenge was actually met yesterday.

The experiment: De-friend people on Facebook and see how long it takes them to realize.

Hypothesis: I didn’t think anyone would even notice because they have too many friends to notice, they don’t get on Facebook as much as I think they do, or they just didn’t have anything to say to me yesterday.

Execution: I went to my “friends” page on my Facebook and clicked on “Edit Friends” then “Recently Interacted.” I proceeded to delete everyone on my “recently interacted” list, a total of 16 people, many of them close friends and family members. Then, I waited. And giggled. A lot.

Results: I was right!!! I knew it! No one had a clue! A few people were even upset when I told them because they thought my point was that they weren’t good friends and that’s why they didn’t notice I was gone. No, that wasn’t my point. My point was that we have so many people’s updates to view and comment on, photos to upload and “like”, videos to laugh at, and weirdos to “ignore” that unless we actually on purpose try to go to a friends’ page, we won’t know they’ve “de-friended” us. This experiment was supposed to last a total of 12 hours, but still no one has send a friend request, even those person’s whom I told. Too funny! Anyway, this experiment was indeed silly, and maybe even slightly unfair. But I had fun! Now I guess it’s time to beg forgiveness and see if we can all be “friends” again!


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  1. …everything you choose to be.


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