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Challenge #2: Instaparty

Challenge #2: Find a reason to celebrate and do something to celebrate it.

The 2011 Salt Lake City Half Marathon

This one was easy enough to do. This morning I ran my very first half marathon!! I signed up for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon back in January with every intention of training for it. Due to weather and other things that came up in March, my training was less than what it should have been. So though I think I could have finished it faster, the point really is that I FINISHED!! Could there have been a better reason to celebrate today? I think not.

The first thing I did to celebrate was to take a shower to get clean, then I read “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld while taking a nice long hot bubble bath. Ah! Then I took a nap. Perhaps these things don’t exactly sound like celebratory acts, but believe me, they were. If you’ve ever ran more than 10 miles, you know I’m right 🙂

So, being sore I didn’t really feel like leaving the house, but since my sister Holly and I had plans for the evening anyway, I turned those plans into part of my celebration. We ordered Domino’s Pizza and watched “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

Instaparty favors

After the movie I ate a cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. It was cookies ‘n cream. It was delicious. Holly didn’t have one. She can’t have chocolate. It’s very sad. But then we played the game Forbidden Island and, though we lost, it was still really fun. It was Holly’s first time playing and I’m happy to report that I have, once again, converted another to that awesome game of strategy 🙂

Holly’s 5 1/2 month old son was also invited to the party but, alas, he slept through pretty much the whole thing. (He also slept through me crossing the finish line. I’m not bitter. Much.)

Challenge #2: Complete! Though I’m so tired I feel like I could sleep through the whole of tomorrow, and so sore I feel like the Tin Man weakly muttering “Oil can”, I have to say that this challenge was great to keep me excited about the half marathon throughout the entire day!

As a side note, during the race a song came on my iPod that I realized is a great example of escaping adulthood and returning to childhood. Those of you who know me well know that I have a lot of songs from musicals on my running playlist. In fact, those of you who barely know me probably know this because it’s not really a secret that I’m slightly fanatical about musicals. Anyway, this song came on and I realized that it would most definitely be Kim and Jason approved. Please enjoy 🙂


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  1. Sheila Beaumont

    Fun blog! I found it through Kim & Jason. I read a lot of children’s and YA books, especially fantasy. “Uglies” is in my to-be-read stack. I have all the Harry Potter DVDs to date, and am about to order “H.P. & the Deathly Hallows Part 1.”

    • Hi Sheila! Thanks for your comment! Fantasy is my genre of choice as well. You’ll love “Uglies!” I’m halfway done with “Pretties” now and I need to go get “Specials” as soon as possible. Have you read “Hunger Games” yet? Awesome! But indeed the Harry Potter series is my all-time favorite fantasy series!

  2. Sheila Beaumont

    Yes, I’ve read the whole “Hunger Games” trilogy and am looking forward to the movie. One of my favorite children’s fantasy authors is Diana Wynne Jones, who was a big influence on J.K. Rowling. I recently reread her “Charmed Life” and “Witch Week.” Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series (first book: “So You Want to Be a Wizard”) is another favorite.

  3. Uglies is such a great series! Finally some fans! I absolutely LOVED those books. They were ingenious! Funny, interesting, fantasic and insightful. Wow. Plus, they were just fun to read.

    Here’s a different book for you – The Aretmis Fowl series. It’s a blast. A boy genius, fairies, gold and super tech.

    • Yes I love Uglies, and I’ve turned my BFF Dawn on to them to! I actually have read and love Artemis Fowl! I just found “The Opal Deception” at a thrift store for under $2.00!! We seem to have a lot in common Shirley! And thanks for your support!!!!!

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